Are there any additional fees associated with attending a greece yoga retreat?

Results 1 — 20 of 53 · Let our team of retreat experts choose a few options for you. It's free and we'll get back to you within 24 hours. Join me in Lefkada, Greece, this summer for a transformative week of personal care, self-love and yoga inspired by GODDESS. Seva Yoga Retreats is a company that operates as a one-person company under the name of “THEOCHARI MARIA”, established in Athens (Greece) and that exists under the laws of Greece, with its headquarters in Greece.

It is the guest's responsibility to obtain all necessary documentation (a valid passport, visas and the necessary certificates) to visit any country in connection with a Seva Yoga retreat. Taira, a yoga teacher and owner of a studio in Portland, has attended two Ambuja Yoga retreats; this is what she said about her most recent experience: “Autumn and Toni are your pure self reflected in your teaching. We require that all visitors have adequate medical and travel insurance that covers trips abroad, such as retreats offered by Seva Yoga Retreats. The minimum participation required throughout the winter in Greece is 35 people and the summer in Greece 55 people in the 15-person yoga retreat, unless otherwise stated in the description of this excursion and in the contract signed between fitnessingreece and the customer-consumer.

Upon completion, all students will have the option to participate in two weekend online yoga workshops and be eligible to obtain a 50-hour Vinyasa Yoga training certification. We recommend as a guest you, the person interested in booking or the person who has already booked a place at one of the retreats organized by Seva Yoga Retreats. By giving your permission, you release Seva Yoga Retreats from any and all claims and demands that arise or are related to the use of photographs and video images, including, but not limited to, any and all defamation or invasion of privacy lawsuits. In connection with a retreat organized by Seva Yoga Retreats, each participant is responsible for all necessary documentation for any country they plan to visit.

By attending one of the retreats organized by Seva Yoga Retreats, guests commit to practicing good hygiene, following social distancing protocols, complying with all necessary preventive hygiene measures in accordance with local guidelines, and complying with official general public health guidelines according to the National Public Health Organization (NPHO), under the supervision of the Ministry of Health guidelines, currently in force. Seva Yoga Retreats is committed to serving the best guests, however, Seva Yoga Retreats must cancel a retreat if there are not enough participants. Each evening yoga class will be a deeply restorative practice that combines elements of restorative yoga, yin yoga and therapeutic yoga. Seva Yoga Retreats cares about the privacy of its guests and needs the explicit consent of its guests to use photographic and video material in which they appear and are recorded during the course of the retreat.

Seva Yoga retreats will do their best to adapt to circumstances and act promptly for the benefit of guests.

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