Are there any discounts available for group bookings at the greece yoga retreat?

Everything you need to know, how to confirm your place at a retreat before it runs out, cancellation, arrival times, refunds and when to show up for a retreat here. If you have a large network of women through your business or social network, we can help you earn some extra money. For every booking you make with Bliss, we'll give you a financial refund after full payment. We offer the same discount to travel agents as a presentation fee, so if you have a large network, why wouldn't we do the same for you? Groups of 4 or more people who attend the retreat together receive a 15% discount on registration fees plus all meals and accommodation.

Members of your group don't have to take the same classes at the retreat or share a room. If you've never tried yoga before, there's no better place to start than on vacation and if you're trying to find the last vacation with a 26% yoga special wellness offer, you'll surely feel very informed that you've arrived at the right place. We want all yoga enthusiasts, as well as those curious about yoga, to attend the retreat to expand their practice. We offer group discounts, as well as discounts for Living Yoga Program graduates and members of the IAYT (International Association of Yoga Therapists).

iLuxury Awards Luxury Retreat — Women's Retreat (Seminyak) Luxury Retreat — Wellness and Yoga Retreat %26 (Canggu). Luxury healing retreat with spa %26 (Asia), luxury all-inclusive retreat (Asia), luxury healing retreat (Asia), luxury yoga and wellness sanctuary (Asia), luxury women's sanctuary (Asia), luxury women's sanctuary (Asia), luxury holistic retreat (Asia), luxury spa healing retreat (Asia), luxury spa healing retreat %26 (Asia). It's not the most relaxing way to start a one-week yoga retreat if you're not used to traveling, but it can give you a taste of Crete if you feel like it. Since then, every year, the same magnetic attraction has seduced wellness and yoga enthusiasts who come to the island attracted by its strong revitalizing energy, its magnificent landscape, its nutritious foods and the abundance of therapeutic herbs, which make Amorgos the perfect place for a spiritual and physical healing retreat.

Yoga retreats in Spain, Greece, Italy or the Maldives, if there is anything else that can help you relax, we would love to hear from you.

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