Are there any medical conditions that would prevent me from attending a greece yoga retreat?

It's hard to put into words the benefits of participating in a retreat. Away from temptations and distractions, a yoga retreat offers the opportunity to connect with the mind, body and spirit and to share new experiences and points of view with other yogis. These are some of the many reasons why a retreat can bring about such miracles and growth in your personal, physical and spiritual evolution. Sparks Yoga Retreats is not responsible for any personal expenses, such as airline tickets due to changes in itineraries or the cancellation of retreats.

Sparks Yoga Retreats and all persons participating in the retreats (hereinafter, “AGENTS”) act solely as AGENTS of the participant in all matters related to travel, tourist travel and transportation, and as AGENTS declare themselves free from liability for any damage caused by any cause. We reserve the right to cancel retreats with inadequate interest for participants, in which case all money paid to Sparks Yoga Retreats will be refunded. Since then, every year, the same magnetic attraction has seduced wellness and yoga enthusiasts who come to the island attracted by its strong revitalizing energy, its magnificent landscape, its nutritious foods and the abundance of therapeutic herbs, which make Amorgos the perfect place for a spiritual and physical healing retreat. The best place to get rid of unwanted addictions and bad habits is definitely a yoga and meditation retreat.

It is recommended that you consult with a doctor or doctor before attending the retreat to ensure that you are fit and healthy enough to do yoga classes and any other activities that have been organized. B) The disclaimer statement applies to the duration of the retreat and to each yoga session or activity in which you participate, whether in a group or private setting. Regarding the stay during the yoga retreat, AGENTS will provide safe and careful instructions and a safe place, but will ask each participant to take personal responsibility for their own personal care and (in the unlikely case) for any injuries they suffer during the retreat.

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