Are there any special packages available for long-term stays at the greek yoga retreat?

Our Long Stay program offers a low-cost vacation package on a Greek island that combines yoga, meditation and awareness in a happy and free environment. They include accommodation, meals and a daily program with fitness classes, private yoga classes or even morning yoga practices, walks, meditation at sunset, training talks, training and more. This is the best part of a yoga vacation. Tired of everyday difficulties all year round, of daily life and having all the responsibility to plan, at yoga retreats, all-inclusive items provide immediate relaxation and carefree to guests.

All you have to do is choose the one that suits you best. It's truly one of the most magical experiences you've had in quite some time, because you flow toward happiness. Amorgos is a perfect Greek island. From traditional villages to stunning beaches, this secluded island is everything you imagine when you dream of a vacation in Greece.

During your retreat, you will have the opportunity to get to know the island through various tours and activities. These excursions will give you the opportunity to discover what makes Amorgos so spectacular. Whether you're learning the moves of traditional Greek dance, exploring the underwater world of Greece, or hiking through local villages, tours and activities are a great way to make the most of your time in Greece. There, the word retreat fully justifies its meaning, and yoga retreats in Greece are illuminated in a whole new light.

Excursions to Athens · Visits to Santorini · Visits to Crete · Visits to Corfu · Visits to the Greek Islands · Family Tours to Athens Walking Tours · Day Trips from Athens · Day Sailing Cruises · Excursions along the coast of Greece · Self-guided tours of Greece · Greek Islands. Autumn leads online yoga teacher trainings, yoga retreats and workshops, in addition to being a writer and author. In recent years, Greece has become one of the best and greatest destinations in the world for yoga retreats and holidays. Yoga retreats in Greece are an alternative type of vacation, combining physical and mental relaxation.

At most yoga retreats with daily yoga classes, meditation techniques and healthy eating, you'll enjoy a life-changing experience. He appeared in Wanderlust TV's Dance Magazine in his series Yoga to Create with Adidas %26 the Art of Movement and Shadow Yoga, presented by Goodness Knows. The last additional option from the Greek islands that are ideal for yoga retreats in Greece is Aegina, an easy destination suitable for a short yoga retreat, as it is located one hour from Athens. He completed his 200-hour Hatha workout with Yoga Indigo (Bend, Oregon) and his 300-hour level training with Zuna Yoga (Bali, Indonesia).

When Autumn isn't practicing yoga, she can be found exploring the mountains, paddling in the nearest body of water or playing with her two mischievous puppies (Sal and Jedi), preparing incredible meals for friends and family, or deepening her knowledge of yoga. Since then, every year, the same magnetic attraction has seduced wellness and yoga enthusiasts who come to the island, attracted by its strong revitalizing energy, its magnificent landscape, its nutritious foods and the abundance of therapeutic herbs, which make Amorgos the perfect place for a spiritual and physical healing retreat. Retreat packages usually include accommodation, yoga classes and, sometimes, different activities such as climbing, stand-up paddleboarding or sailing. From yin yoga to vinyasa yoga, restorative yoga, and everything in between, Kythira will become a restorative therapy retreat for you.

Each afternoon yoga class will be a deeply restorative practice that combines elements of restorative yoga, yin yoga and therapeutic yoga. The island that, with its wild but beautiful landscape, leaves you breathless, couldn't help but boast of having one of the best yoga retreats in the country. The people of Triopetra Yoga Retreat, through the daily practice of yoga and healthy eating, want to offer a different experience and teach visitors how to live a healthier and happier life. .

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