Do i need to bring my own towels and bedding to the greece yoga retreat?

We share our best tips on what to pack for a yoga retreat, from clothes to mats, and get ready for an enriching wellness vacation. Favorite yoga mat (optional): We provide mats and all the necessary accessories in our studio. The yoga shala is located far from the main common areas and guest villas, in a grassy area surrounded by olive trees and offers uninterrupted peace and quiet. The floor space is shaded and generously sized to fit 20 mats comfortably.

The shala comes fully equipped with yoga mats, straps, blocks and reinforcements so that guests don't have to bring their own. I was absolutely impressed by Reema's calm and healthy approach to the practice of yoga, and I was pleasantly surprised to learn more about the philosophy of yoga and its relationship with Western medical practice. Even the nicest yoga retreats can be very informal, so go for the lighter option and leave those healings behind. Most yoga retreats include mats, blocks, blankets and other accessories, so if you don't mind sharing them, ask your Health and Fitness Travel expert what your yoga retreat offers so you can leave the heavy stuff at home.

Yoga mat, even if there are places where you can find yoga mats, often the quality isn't as good as that of your own mat. It's worth noting that I imagine that no two retreats are the same and that Helen, Phil and Reema were completely flexible when it came to changing the schedules of meals, yoga, etc. Travel with Jeni and Rocky to the lush island of Lefkada, Greece, to enjoy the best yoga retreat out of the ordinary.

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