Is it possible to book private classes at the greece yoga retreat?

Enjoy a group or private yoga session while you're on vacation. Masin and Caitlin will offer a luxury experience on the pristine coastal beaches of Amorgos, Greece. You'll enjoy personalized daily yoga classes and group meditation classes that will nourish your mind, body and soul. The reservation can be made through the online booking system and can be made by credit card through Stripe or through PayPal.

The Kea Retreat is both a culinary experience and a yoga and nature retreat that guests will remember in their hearts and stomachs for many years to come. In addition, she is an expert yoga instructor accredited by the Yoga Alliance and a Usui Reiki teacher since she was 13 years old. Events %26 Ahimsa School of Sound Healing workshops, 200 hours of yoga teacher training, yoga retreat in Costa Rica, agricultural retreats in Illinois.

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