What type of experience do i need to have in order to attend a greece yoga retreat?

For a long time I felt that yoga was boring or too slow for me, but after attending a yoga retreat 4 years ago, that mentality started to change. She is educated in different styles of yoga and is passionate about sharing the different tools that yoga provides us with to live a happier and healthier life with her students. Last year I finished training yoga teachers in Costa Rica and began giving regular yoga classes, as well as learning about the benefits of mindfulness for physical and mental health. The retreat offered two activities that I really enjoy and that help me eliminate stress: hiking and yoga, and also additional activities, such as stand-up paddleboarding.

While offering tourist facilities such as sun loungers and parasols, Just Relax is a Greek yoga retreat that allows guests to relax in a peaceful environment. Emanuela has been trained in massage therapy with Thai yoga and will offer treatments to any student interested in Corfu at a special retreat price. When the sun rises and the seagulls complete their morning reconnaissance flights over the sea, a group of students place their yoga mats on the patio of Anandamaya Retreats, in northern Evia, and begin the morning rituals with a greeting to the sun. Meeting new people, the travel experience itself, as well as the program offered at a yoga retreat, create an interesting experience.

Sara trained as a yoga teacher at Yoga London and obtained her 200-hour Yoga Alliance certificate, followed by more hours of training, specializing in different styles. Dias is the perfect choice for a couple or close friends who want to book a spacious room during their yoga retreat. Wanting to deepen the scientific approach to yoga and its therapeutic effect, he continued his learning at Nada Yoga Place, Athens (Healing Aspects of Yoga), Therapeutic Bahiranga Yoga Nidra and Bahiranga Restorative Yoga. They are a mix of Sivananda's classic hatha yoga class format, combined with her knowledge of yoga therapy and physiotherapy.

Yoga retreats and wellness trips are becoming increasingly popular, not only among yoga enthusiasts, but also for those who want to stay active during their holidays or try a different model to escape from everyday life.

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